Friday, 27 June 2014

YouTube's big innovation week

At Apple, they wait months, they start the drum roll, they light the fireworks and they reveal a new iThing that looks a lot like the last iThing but is slightly slimmer and faster.
There's a jolly and enthusiastic way innovations tumble out of YouTube. It's more like Smurfland. But are the ideas relevant to the common creator?
60fps films?... nice one, a bit jerky, will appeal to slow-mo guys
Tip jar?... so you are saying that the sweary, unwashed, clump of humanity we are pleased to call our audience is kind and giving too? I hope it works but I'd feel safer with Kickstarter.
The good thing about YouTube enthusiasm is that, backed by cash, it carries them through. It's more likely I am wrong about the initiatives than they are.
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