Sunday, 29 June 2014

New YouTube Creator app - yay!

Before using it... 
About time! I've been looking for something like this for five years. I can manage comments on it while on the move (there's a lot of 'on the move' at Fieldsports Channel) and - I haven't used it yet - I hope it includes a big friendly video manager. Full review to follow. In the meantime, here's the link to the Android app store

After using it... 
Very good. I will give it four out of five stars. It lets you deal with comments while you are on the bus, it gives a graphic overview of your analytics that you can flash at potential sponsors.

Anything wrong with it? 
Yes. The Edit Video function does not work on my phone - a Samsung Galaxy Mega. I hope that, when it does work, I will find it allows scheduling.

How to improve it? 
When I rule the world - or at least YouTube - a future browser-based video manager will include mass editors for preview images, tags, titles and descriptions. That is not the app's function. It needs to remain lightweight and for making tweaks to titles and descriptions, replying to comments and basking in the warm glow of analytics. As well as fixing the bugs, on the Videos tab, I want to see:

  • More ways to sort videos than just Recent Uploads and Popular Uploads. I would like to see Unlisted and Private there too. 
  • Comments passing approved spam back into the Published folder. This is the same fault that the new page has - you can approve a comment that's sitting in the spam folder, and it will go live, but it won't appear in the approved folder, so you can't then reply to it or thumbs it up or down. 
Nice work YouTube.

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