Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What your YouTube channel should do when it leaves an MCN

You want to get your channel back on its feet and earning money as soon as you can (we have done it with our channel). Here is what to do:

  • You need to reapply to be a YouTube partner which it will quickly prompt you to do when you visit your video manager.

  • You need to link your Adsense to your channel (so that you can be paid). Go here and follow the instructions. If you don't have an Adsense account (same login and password as your YouTube account) it will show you how to get one. Newbies beware! Adwords is how you buy advertising from Google, Adsense is how Google pays you to run their ads next to your content.  

  • You need to check that all your films are monetised. The dollar symbol  next to them in Video Manager needs to be green not grey.

  • We have more than 2,000 films and at first it looks like you can only do 30 at a time, page by page. After I did five pages, however, it gave me the option to do the whole lot at once using this link which may work for you. The magic words you are looking for in a message at the top of the screen are "All 30 videos on this age are selected. Select all your videos."

  • You will notice that some of the stuff the MCN did for you has been deleted. For example, we were enabled to do YouTube Shows. That was taken away from us when we split from our MCN. Get over it.

  • Why did we leave our MCN?

Our MCN, Rightster, was good for us. They were helpful and they paid promptly. We have started selling our own preroll packages to advertisers, so it was time for us to go and set up our own MCN.

  • How do we set up our own MCN?

Watch your Google+ page. Eventually, a link will appear in a corner asking if you want to... there's no applying for it.

Hope this helps!

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