Saturday, 21 February 2015

China time: goats are good

We have done it with subscribers. Broadcasting in English, fronted by the English, our Youku subscribers have now overtaken our 70,000 YouTube subscribers. It took 18 months to get to 70,000 on Youku compared to 68 months on YouTube. Draw your own conclusions about crowded platforms.

Crucially, revenue from Youku is close to revenue from YouTube and one month exceeded it.

We are on YouTube because it offers the biggest and best platform for what we do. Our audience now splits into three: core fans, passing trade on YouTube and passing trade on Youku. Core fans don't mind on which platform we use.

It's the year of the goat. Here's my new year's message - for Youku not YouTube: 【视频:新年快乐】来自于优酷安卓客户端)

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