Monday, 21 July 2014

YouTube Help - FAQs

These are the three YouTube questions I get asked most frequently (with answers):

How do I find sponsors for my YouTube channel?
Go out and look for them. If your channel is getting less than 100,000 views a month, you will need to do a production deal on a day-rate. Film production companies charge around US$1,000-£1,000 per person per day, depending on the size of the film. Over a million views a month and you can start charging for audience too, in the price range $15-£50 per thousand views. You already believe in your channel. Now get good at selling.

How do I get more views?
For audience, go to any of the big channels in your sector and ask if you can do a collaboration with them. You film them at the same time as they film you. You do an annotation to their channel - - and they do one to you. That's the fastest free way to audience. It took us two years to get to  a million views a month. These days I think it would take us three or four years, because there is so much more competition. PS. Read the whole of - it's excellent. Do not use Virool or anyone like that. YouTube will close you down.

Got any editing tips?
Sharpen up your film editing with:
Music. Free copyright-free tracks at

GFX. Buy or create a nice preroll graphic that you can use on all your films. We use and - prices start at £250.

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