Thursday, 25 June 2009

BASC shoots film and films shoots

Fantastic news: construction has started on the new communications centre in Rossett, North Wales. "Where?" you ask. That's shooting organisation BASC's headquarters.
The communications centre has been criticised by some BASC members but robustly defended by BASC bosses. The building will provide extra office space and, crucially, a TV studio. Some members wonder why BASC needs a TV studio. Well...
The UK is seeing a meltdown in TV news. ITV is falling apart, the BBC often doesn't know if it is coming or going between White City and Salford. Meanwhile, both big business and the big pressure groups are getting better and better at putting their messages across to an ever-more malleable system of delivering that message. By building this centre and putting out video news releases (VNRs), BASC will jon the club of big pressure groups.
At, one of our biggest early fears was that shooting might not make good telly. Happily, we have found that if you film shooting in a positive light, it looks great on television. Now BASC will be able to offer that kind of film to a broadcast media that's desperate for anyone who will do the legwork of actually filming.
Good on yer BASC!

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