Friday, 26 September 2008

ChalkStreaming video

It looks like it's going to happen. is going to go live next year. I know that because my ace team of David Wright (high tensile producer) and Chris Tizzard (cameraman and voice of reason) came out for our first shoot.
After years working on shooting magazines - Shooting Times, Sporting Shooter and Sporting Rifle - I was always sure that a British-based television station devoted to shooting and fishing would be popular. We're going to get the chance to prove it.
Our first shoot was about fish. We were on the River Kennet thanks to the excellent catching trout with my old editor at Salmon & Trout magazine, Clive Graham-Ranger. Salmon & Trout? Surely I mean Trout & Salmon? Or Salmon Trout & Sea Trout? Or Trout? (so many magazines!) No - Salmon & Trout was a great but short-lived magazine, bought and closed by IPC Magazines. That was 15 years ago. Nowadays, Clive works part-time for The Sunday Times, part-time building an orphanage in Cambodia for Rupert Murdoch and now part-time on spotting fish. Clive and the great Bill Sibbons wrote the definitive book on how to spot fish. Our pilot programme will reveal all for the first time in film, so make a note to watch it when it goes on the site in late October 08.
I couldn't help but notice that Bill and Clive's book is now listed on antique books websites. I told him about it. He was unhappy to find out he is now officially *history*.
We're looking for stuff to film in the UK - the best of British fishing and shooting. Got anything? give me a ring on 07850 195353 or drop me a line

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