Monday, 4 July 2011

Am I obsessed with YouTube NextUp?

It's a worry. I switch on my phone and hit "youtube nextup" / search / blogs. I am talking about
In case you don't know, YouTube has offered £1000s, a training course and lots of love from San Bruno CA for a handful of European partners. All we (fieldsportschannel) have to do is win the UK prize.
Even though US partners have been through the same personal ordeals, none of us Yurpeans seem to know what kinds of films will catch the judges' eyes. We see Terabrite go through - we conclude we have to be Lady Gaga to be in with a chance.
There are films showing the ghastly yet British personal appeals which may work if you believe the British motto: "I'll be the judge of that". There are the personal appeals from Beckie0 and others that are cute but borderline ladette. One of them may get the women's vote because of what it is, the other in spite of what it is, and for men vice versa (you may have to read that bit again - I did).
My votes go easily to the stop-motion animation artists. For the British, this is obvious. Looking down on their work and smiling encouragingly are both St Wallace and Lord Gromit of Cheam.
If you are an entrant and through to this, the semi-finals, it is natural to look for what's unfair about the NextUp competition. There will be 3 winners from the Netherlands and there are 17 Dutch entrants. There will be 8 winners from the UK and there are nearly 200 UK entrants. I don't know exactly how many because I am trying to count them on my phone, and Flash and Scroll are natural enemies in the Android firmament.
So do - as they say in San Bruno - the 'math' (Americans can't spell 'maths'). You will, as I have, conclude "Ik wil Nederlands". Thank you Google Translate.
Those well-dressed chapperami from Google judge the finals. Tra-la-la I don't care. Winners are named on 2 August 2011. My cocker spaniel is due to have puppies on 4 August. Not sure which is more important...

Dooosa favour. Go to, look for the thumbnail of the two blokes by the green hedge and thumbs-up it. Ta

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